April Ex-Rental Sales List

To make way for new equipment we are selling some of our rental inventory.

Please click on the underlined item of interest for further details. If you are interested in purchasing any equipment please contact our team.

Malaysia Sales List
Category Product Name List Price Sale Price Saving
 Environmental   BW Gas Alert MicroClip confined space 4 gas detector RM4,600 RM1,840 to RM2,500 46% - 60%
 Environmental   Druck DPI 705 Pressure Gauge 7 Bar ABS RM2,800 RM1,800 36%
 Environmental   Fluke 975 AirMeter Indoor Air Quality Monitor RM14,000 RM5,500 61%
 Construction and Building         Defelsko Positest Concrete Moisture Meter RM3,500 RM2,900 17%
 Construction and Building    UE Systems UP9000 Digital Ultrasonic Leak Detector   RM30,000 RM20,000 33%
 Electronics  Narda NBM-520 'E' Field Strength Meter and Probe EF1891 RM30,000 RM5,200 84%
 General Industrial   Hioki MR8847-53 Analogue, 16 Logic Channel Memory Recorder RM87,800 RM45,000 49%
 General Industrial   #Jofra CTC-650A Temperature Calibrator  RM35,000 RM13,000 63%
 Non-Destructive Testing  Olympus 38DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge inc. transducers RM26,000 RM16,100 38%
 Non-Destructive Testing  Olympus Cobra Scanner RM170,000 RM100,000 41%
 Electrical Power   Megger Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter 10A/0.1microohm-2KOhm RM29,000 RM14,000 52%
 Radio Frequency   Keysight E4416A EPM P-Series Power Meter RM23,000 RM4,500 80%
 Radio Frequency   #Keysight E4418B EPM Series Single Channel Power Meter RM23,000 RM5,000 78%
 Radio Frequency   Keysight N9344C 1MHz to 20GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator RM85,000 RM35,000 59%
 Radio Frequency   Anritsu S820E Microwave Sitemaster 25 MHz to 20 GHz RM100,000 RM52,000 48%
 Radio Frequency   Anritsu S331L 4GHz Sitemaster Cable and Antenna Analyser RM30,000 RM11,000 63%
Rental Purchase Option (RPO) rates are is available for equipment worth more than RM6,000 and standard quotes are based on 11 months + a 1 off payment, however, the duration can be tailored to suit your needs. Click here to find out more.
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Minimum Invoice Charge = RM300.00 (plus freight)
Limited Stock available.
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