Tech Support

Data Download

Capturing and storing measurement data over extended periods requires significant operational familiarity to successfully download the data and save it in a useful format.

Our engineers are equipped and trained to assist you in the operations and methods to download the data. With our assistance and support, you can then generate a range of output formats, including CD-ROM, printout or charts, according to your needs and the equipments functionality.

This support service is to ensure that our customers enjoy the full benefit of our technical experience and it is provided at a minimal charge (mainly to cover cost for consummables). Examples of equipment we can provide this service for are:
  •     Memory Recorders
  •     Data Loggers
  •     Noise Dose Meters
  •     Network Cable Testers
  •     Portable Appliance Testers
  •     Flowmeters
  •     Power Meters
  •     Analysers Power Loggers